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Eatery Malabarikas is a healthy food company specializing on sprouted cashews. Excellent food habits, we believe, produce great people, and great citizens produce a dynamic society. The better the quality of your food, the more rational you become. Cashews serve an important part in the development of young children, making life easier, providing the best choice for the elderly, and providing the serenity to appreciate life to the fullest. The best diet is the best companion you can trust, and we are assuring you that.

We wholly trust that the transparency of our product, as well as the constant monitoring of their quality without any compromises, is what make us have finest position in market place. Use of advanced technology and well maintained laboratory assistance help us provide with the best quality products. In a world of much choices and less commitments, Eatery Malabarikas demonstrates its distinctive trait of reliability with the most important healthcare option you can have.

Why Kajus

Delicious Diet

It will make your diet super scrumptious without any kind of artificial additions.


A thorough richness of health doesn't make you allergic. It enhances your immune system and make you fit for your entire life.

No Cashew Shell Oil

Because it contains a toxin (urushiol) causes sever skin allergy. So we completely cares you.

High Nutritional Value

A package of nutritions for your body.

Rich in Vitamins

An inevitable store of vitamins.

Traditional Rural Delicacy

We made it by combining both "Tradition" and "Novelty".

Our products

Feel the customer


I'm completely satisfied with the product. It's rich in vitamins and high in nutrients.


Super healthy product and one of the best product in the market for those who are concerned about their health. Recommended for all.

- Sajil

Awesome!! I ordered this product for the first time and it well exceeded my expectations.


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